Surface Cleaner
The offered Surface Cleaner is a cleaning agent used to clean common household areas, removing dirt and grease from most surfaces, a disinfectant is a strong chemical agent designed to kill most microorganisms.
We are supplying here the Phenyl that is an emulsion of light creosote oil & water with soap which is used to kill germs also it is used to remove the four smells because it is a very good cleaner.
Toilet Cleaner
A Toilet Cleaner removes stains and kills germs that build up in the bowl, making it less hospitable to them. The substance is safe to use and removes dirt, grime and mineral stains, and it deodorizes toilets.
Glass Cleaner
The Glass Cleaner is very effective and made for use in the various places for effective cleaning of various types of glasses. The cleaner is very useful and helps in cleaning of glasses without leaving any kind of smudge.
Dishwash Liquid Gel
The Dishwash Liquid Gel is a detergent that is mild and a great choice for cleaning. It can be used to clean dishes, furniture and most surfaces and items in a home. It is primarily used for hand washing of glasses.